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my music video project

We where asked to look at 3 music video to get ideas on how film and help get an idea to fit with the music and the genre i will be chooseing will be rock.

1 of the 3 music videos will be tenacious D master exploder (This song has a lot of swearing and sexual reffences)

Master Exploder

Tenacious D did this song called Master Exploder which the video takes place in a Rock of the Bands comptision so the it looks like a certern audience that they are aiming for. There is also a bit of pardoy in there as be saying that Rock music will get you sex with any girls as this video does have some sexual reffences. It is desaigned to be like the best rock video ever and at the first bit of the video the preson ruing the battle of bands introduce them as the best band ever.  

2 of the 3 will be Dragonforce through the fire and flames and i think that this is good as it is one of the fastest rocks songs ever made.

Though The Fire and Flames

Though the fire and flames is a song that was made by dragonforce which is problily one of the fastest songs ever made which uses a dark room and every time the a sound plays lighting up the room with an orange glow hence the name though the fire and flames. This song has the typcail rock people a lead guitar and people head banging with really long hair. The video is quite focus on the guitar quite a lot and also the use of the lighting in the time of the guitar. The guitar seems to lead more than the drumbs do. The drumbs just seem to be there to add more of base sound help with the tempo of the song.  

And the last song is a classic rock song and it shows the sad side of rock it is Harry Chaplin cats and cradle

This song is very sad it is about a father and son. And his son felt very sad that his dad is missing him growning up. And he just wishes that he could spend some time with his dad or his son is growing to grow up like him. And it took him till retirement to relish that his son had grown up like him and his son is also not getting to spend time with dad. And theme of song starts off with that he is happy that he has a son and then it switches to the son crying out that he never got to see his dad. And at the end it gets sadder as the father relises that he never got to spend with his son and feels guitly and when he tries to talk to his son his son has grown up like his dad and now does not have the time to spend time with his dad and he does not make time like his dad.

It’s typical rock style talking about the problems in a form in the song. The singer is the father and he trying to explain what he has done and how the bad he was not being there for his son. Its a way of getting a messege accross saying you can change and it is very common in music video across meny genre’s of music and it’s more common in rock.

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My response to Russle Brand on the London Riots

Well as being a person from London i am disgusted as the area near where i used to live in London knowing that it could of been hit and destroyed by some people that where out to courseing trouble. So i do agree with Russel Brand. It like even tough i live in hampshire now it is just sadding knowning that if i was still there i could of been cought up in the roits in London even though there was none in my home town heston but i know it was highly gaurded just incase it turned on the musmlim comunnty and turned rasicst.

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What i learnt form Alan Donegon

Can use other ways of getting your point across.

Statistics in what we used to express our selves. 

7% words

38% tone

55% body langue

3 questions you should ask yourself

What’s your target audience?

My audience will be aimed at rock fans

Think, feel or do differently?

Think that it interesting; feel that they are getting engaged with the presentation, and to get involved with asking questions,

What’s in it for them?

 Collect lots of ideas for the presentations.

Quick process


Mind map



These are some of the things that we learnt today for Alan Donegon.

He was a very good speaker and i learnd a lot not just from his words when he said you can larn on body langue as well i really focus on him and i feel i learnt a lot more about how to speak and about him that way. He really connected to me and i was really interested in what he had to say and i felt that i lissend and i particpated by saying my ideas to the class. He told us some good tips like to like to tell the audience 3 times what you are trying to do and now i know what to do for music presentation for my music video that i am going to. And i have to ask my self the three questions whats my target audience, what, do and feel, and what is in it for them.

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The male gaze theory

The male gaze theory is a theory that is beleved that we see everything in the media though the males eyes. In some aspects i agree with the it that girls are takeing it on that they need make up on all the time and that they worry about there own apperance. There are adverts out which promote services in a way they are telling you should look like the person in this ad but you can only look like this if you use the advertise product. I would agree that it is the adverts which are making girls worry about there apperance when they don’t really need to. 

But other wise the bit i disagree on that there are shows out in the media where there telling you to be your self and one show is snog marry and avoid and they ask men what would they do if they looked like this and most men would say avoid. And most of the time they look like what they have been told to look like in the media and it is say you don’t have to be. So i have mixed feeling on agreein to this and disargeeing.   

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The video is Tenacious D Tribute this song is done by Jack Black and the Kyle Gass and these two use a range of differnet tecnics in there songs.

This video does work the the beginneing and the middle and the end in the start they are just walking down a road. when all of the in the middle the devil appers to them and askes them to play the best song in the world and thretens them if they don’t. but after they played the song to the devil they change it and they have just made the greatest song in the world. And this happens at the end of the song. This song is made by tenacious D the song is called tirbute.

The lyrics for the behinging bit is quite short its his is the greatest and best song in the world… tribute.

Long time ago me and my brother Kyle here,…
we was hitchhikin’ down a long and lonesome road.

and then the middle is longest part of the story going though most of the song.

All of a sudden,
there shined a shiny demon…
in the middle…
of the road.

And he said:
"Play the best song in the world,
or I’ll eat your souls (whisper:Souls).”

Well me and Kyle,… we looked at each other,
and we each said…

And we played the first thing that came to our heads,
Just so happened to be,
The Best Song in the World,
it was The Best Song in the World.

Look into my eyes and it’s easy to see
One and one make two,
two and one make three,
It was destiny.

Once every hundred-thousand years or so,
When the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow
and the grass doth grow oooh

Needless to say,
the beast was stunned.
Whip-crack went his whippet tail,
And the beast was done.
He asked us:
"(snort) BE you angels?"
And we said,
We are but men
Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahn,
Ohhh, whoah, ah-whoah-oh!

This is not The Greatest Song in the World, No
This is just a tribute.
Couldn’t remember The Greatest Song in the World, No.
This is a tribute, oh,
To The Greatest Song in the World,
All right!
It was The Greatest Song in the World,
All right!
And it was the best mother fuckin’ song,
The Greatest Song in the world!

'Ti Tuga digga tu Gi Friba fligugibu Uh Fligugigbu Uh Di Ei Friba Du Gi Fligu fligugigugi Flilibili Ah
Fligu wene mamamana Sacrebleu!

And the end the song changes its no longer talking in the 3rd person it changes to the 1st person where it talks to you.

And the peculiar thing is this my friends:
the song we sang on that fateful night it didn’t actually sound
anything like this song!

This is just a tribute!
You gotta believe it!
And I wish you were there!
Just a matter of opinion.
Ah, fuck!
Good God, God lovin’ ,
So surprised to find you can’t stop me,now.
I’m on fire—
O hallelujah I’m found! Rich motherfucker compadre simultaniously:oooh/(Demonic)aaaaah!
All right!
All right!

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Rock and how its changed in music videos

What are your expectations and goals for the project?

Identify the genre of Music Video you will present? i will identifiy some music by Tenacious D and show the difference with some older music by Iron Madien and AC/DC. click on the link for a video from Tenacious D and this video is called tribute and it talks like Rock if it was it own regligion like there is a GOD of Rock and the deveil.  Tenacious D normaly does a lot of songs bassed in being free which is the streo type of the meaning of rock music. they also change there songs based on there auidance like all the songs sung  in the school of Rock is done by Tenacious D and because of that they change what there video but most of the time there audiance is targeted at young adults.

Justify your choice and why you feel it will be of interest to your audience?